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The deeper nature of Yogasana is understood from the century old Indian ancient Sanskrit sutra (verse): 

“Stiram Sukham Aasanam Paramshaithilyaat Anantsamapatibhayam”

Stiram is stillness or stillness in motion, Sukham is joyful, and enjoyable, Aasanam means posture or form, Paramshaithilyaat means effortlessness and  Anantsamapatibhayam- anant is infinite, merging one with infinite.

These principle aspects of sutra are considered while planning and designing the spaces, form and material selection for the structure.


Proposed Yoga House is on the highest available narrow terrace of Vale de Moses Retreat at Castelo Branco Portugal, facing west with incredible views of the sunset in the valley. The design is conceptualized as an extension to the landscape.


Further the intention was to merge the building with the surrounding. Considering same the proposed outcome is the culmination of technology, local material, advanced and traditional techniques and structural form from various countries. This will enrich the local context through the extended capacity of global tendency.

The spaces are arranged in a linear pattern to make circulation easy and effortless for users. Interior spaces are connected with wooden deck as connection between interior and exterior spaces. Curtain wall of wood and glass with window and door openings enables an interesting play of light and shadow in the spaces.


Catalan vaults are used for distributing forces naturally to the ground and also visually drawing the attention of the viewer. Local and efficient building materials are used for reducing the carbon cost. This yoga house will certainly be a place where visitors will experience the joy of being.

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