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Hyperbolic Paraboloids in Bamboo - Summer  School

Explorations In The Modular Aspects Of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Form

Location: CEPT Ahmedabad,India

May - June 2017, Duration: 10 days

No. of Students: 27

The course involved hands on explorations and experimentation with the geometry and structure of the simplest Hyperbolic Paraboloid " Saddle" form. The participants built an understanding of the behavior of the form in different materials by making models with paper,skewers,threads and fabric etc. workshop will be guided on the basis of geometry, The initial study models further lead to the construction of the final installations in bamboo ant the CEPT campus.

The workshop was guided on the basis of geometry, aesthetics and the structural efficiency of the form. The methodology involved theory lectures, audio-visual and interactive sessions with simultaneous three dimensional form explorations which resulted in the development of a modular system of the Hypar

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