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After being into teaching and freelance work for a decade, Shital Chaudhari and Vaibhavi Agrawal founded RAY Design Studio in 2012 - built upon their shared passion for Education and Design. Since then the space has been evolving along with their three growing musketeers who are the real source of inspiration/ driving force behind their open-ended practice. Every project is nurtured here with integrity, care and attention to details.

Shital Chaudhari 


Shital is an architect, planner and  educator. Worked with Mahajan and Associates Jalgoan Maharashtra  as an Associate Architect on various projects.  Her Bachelor of Architecture is from BNCA, Pune and Master’s in Planning (T&CP) from COEP, Pune.

She was a core faculty at MMCA, Pune for 8 years and later a visiting faculty at BNCA, Pune.

She has a profound understanding of design issues and is highly motivated in her work. She has a keen interest in designing doubly curved structures, geometry and material exploration.




Three Musketeers

Vaibhavi Agrawal

She holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, in Architecture and Architecture Education respectively from SMMCA, Nagpur. Growing interests in nature and strong inclination towards under standing ecology and ecosystems

drove her to pursue a post graduate Diploma in Natural Resource Conservation and Management from Ecological society, Pune. Her Interest in history led her to do heritage and photo walks in Pune. Along with her active professional practice she, is a visiting faculty at Brick School of Architecture, Pune.

She emphasizes Hands-On working with materials and deeper exploration into processes and techniques. This is linked to the idea of efficient and ethical approach towards design.


Our work is guided by a sense of commitment to nurture meaningful designs with the use of appropriate building materials, response to the natural environment, respect for tradition, honest approach to our work process and the act of giving final form. We are passionate about Nature since it makes us believe  in the evolution of design, to search and research, to learn and share, inspire and get inspired by others.  

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