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An office Interior Design Project in Pune 

(Maharashtra), India, 2023

Project Team:  Vaibhavi Agrawal,

Shital Chaudhari, Shreya Kankaria

Photographs by: Mihika Agrawal

Nestled within the vibrant urban landscape of Pune, the BTB Venture Group’s Office designed by Ar. Vaibhavi Agrawal and Ar. Shital Chaudhari of RAY Design Studio, narrates a tale of timeless elegance and minimalism.


The design ethos is centered on having an office space with minimal clean lines and an uncluttered open layout with a restrained color palette.

Additionally, the design allows for customization and personalization, providing individuals with opportunities to make the space their own. The incorporation of integrated planters along the seating areas near the large windows adds a biophilic design element, creating a pleasant and motivating atmosphere.

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